Our Diversity Foundation wishes to express our Sincere "Thanks & Appreciation" to our many Dakota Elders, Tribal Leaders among Others who have generously agree to share their personal & ancestors often "Untold" Stories & "missing chapters" of American History, that we hope will benefit & help educate both Native & Non-Native audiences.       

DF is extremely grateful to our following Production Team (often volunteering their skills) who assisted Diversity film, edit & produce the content for DF's new & Improved Website. Our immediate need is Funding to hire the following qualified editors and technicans, to complete editing & archiving DF's vast Film & Photo Inventory. (see "Top 5" Program Overview on DF's Website)  

Shawn Lee Farrell.....Diversity Foundation's Multimedia Editor/Producer

Michael Thompson... Video & Website Editor & Producer

Robert Pack....Video Editor/Producer

Lynn Salt (Choctaw) & David Mueller....Award-Winning California Film Producers & Directors, who have been partnering with Diversity since 2007, offering their professional Filmmakers skills (writing, producing & directing) partnering with Diversity Foundation, producing a series of 10-12 short historic documentaries, based on DF's existing Dakota Video & Photo Collection over past 24 years.   

Also we are Grateful to Jonathan Maracle (Mohawk) and his Broken Walls Inspiring Music as background for our Diversity Foundations New & Improved Website. We were fortunate to meet, film and work with Jonathan, Bill & Kris last Memorial week , when Broken Walls was invited to perform their music last Memorial week as part of our Committee's "Dakota Honoring" events at Mankato's New Creations World Outreach Church. Much of their music is based on ancient sounds of the First Nations People of North America...